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Cracking the SAP Perimeters –
What a professional SAP Hacker needs in his backpack

Holger Stumm, Owner and Founder at log(2) oHG  

This hands-on presentation shows the most actual threats, devices and hacks that have been proven successful in a series of SAP Pen Tests. Hacking your mobile phones, compromising laptops with USB Devices, WLAN break-ins and malicious devices like hidden micro-servers or manipulated card readers are nothing but a game to steal the essential part for every successful hack: Valid SAP credentials. 
  • See the latest technology and devices that are threats also to your SAP environment.
  • Understand the risk and the depth of these kind of attacks.
  • Learn countermeasures and mitigations
  • This is an essential overview for everybody involved in SAP Security. Decision Makers and Project Leads get an overview, while the technical interested person will pick up good ideas for further exploitation.
Holger_Stumm.jpgAfter 25 years in the SAP business, Holger Stumm has worked in all four corners of the windrose, on all five continents and in countries like USA, Venezuela, Australia, China and Eastern Europe. In the last ten years he ran a consulting company in Europe together with his wife who is also a specialist in SAP Security.

Twitter: @industrialist