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SAP Security: Step By Step Towards Champions League

Markus Schumacher, co-founder and CEO at Virtual Forge GmbH  

A prolonged failure of SAP systems and applications would have serious consequences for most organizations, especially if data is lost.
A huge risk that no one can deny.
But where to start? Of course, there are companies that can play in the Security Champions League: Great goalkeeper, best defense, going forward combative and flexible. However, even if your organization is still playing in the regional league, there is a viable way to go up, step by step, but quickly.
In his keynote address, Dr. Markus Schumacher mentions customer examples from
11 years of SAP Security:

  • What distinguishes a real SAP Security Champion?
  • How can you become a champion?
  • How to form a winning team and how to overcome obstacles

Markus_Schumacher.jpgDr. Markus Schumacher is co-founder and CEO of Virtual Forge GmbH. He holds a PhD in computer science, has published many papers and books and speaks regularly at international conferences and trade shows.