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Securely managing SAP HANA together with a classical three-tier-architecture

Prof. Dr. Sachar Paulus, Mannheim University of applied Science

With HANA, SAP has introduced a new software architecture with many positive effects on system and application performance, deployment and operations. But what does HANA mean for the IT security?

Although HANA provides a series of new and sophisticated security mechanisms, it must also be easily integrated into the existing security architecture of the customer.
  • Understanding the architectural differences of HANA
  • How HANA security concepts take impact on the overall ERP security
  • Insight into the different options for securely managing SAP HANA together with a classical three-tier-architecture
Sachar_Paulus.jpgDr. Sachar Paulus is a professor of IT security at the Hochschule Mannheim University of Applied Sciences and director of the MBA program in IT management at the Graduate School Rhein-Neckar. He is also the owner of the information security consulting firm paulus.consult. Dr. Paulus is an advocate of secure software development, modern teaching concepts in computer science, and efforts to help young people acquire media-related skills.