In SAP® systems, essential company data is processed and key processes are controlled. The complexity of the business processes is reflected by the interconnection of the system landscape. In most companies, several SAP systems exist in one company, which are furthermore interconnected, connected to third-party systems as well as to the environment, forming a complex IT system landscape with several thousand interfaces.

An SAP landscape is not created overnight but rather grows over the years or even decades continuously. Therefore, SAP customers face the following challenges:

  • Communication relations constantly change.
  • The amount of SAP systems and connected non-SAP systems constantly increases.
  • All changes have to be completely documented all the time.
  • All existing interfaces should adhere to the newest technology and security standards.
  • Different technology is used (HTTP, RFC (Remote Function Call), JCo (Java Connector), etc.).

These challenges require continuous inspection and adjustment of all interfaces. Losing track of existing interfaces causes a continuously growing security risk.

While many companies are well aware of this risk, they do not have an efficient answer for this problem. Adequate solutions for this problem are also not available, as existing products address the problem unilaterally and therefore incompletely. Instead, the security-critical parameters of each interface and its runtime behavior have to be manually analyzed, causing a big effort.

This is where Virtual Forge InterfaceProfiler comes into play. Virtual Forge InterfaceProfiler supports companies with a comprehensive inventory and analysis of interfaces within SAP system landscapes. With InterfaceProfiler, you can secure your interfaces and the data traffic passing through them and can monitor them continuously.