February 23, 2017 - 4:00PM CET (Berlin), 10:00AM ET (New York) - check your local time), Duration: 45 minutes

Protect Business Critical Data in SAP® Systems - Data Leak Prevention with CodeProfiler for ABAP           

HR data, customer information, price lists and production schedules are just a few examples of sensitive data in SAP® systems. Stored in database tables, this information can be easily extracted by custom ABAP applications and therefore be removed from the secure context of the SAP system.

In our Webinar you will learn/hear:

  • How to identify potential loopholes for data leaks in your applications by leveraging CodeProfiler’s Data Leak Prevention features
  • How to configure test cases in CodeProfiler for ABAP to protect your organization’s business critical data
  • What steps are necessary to cleanup and hedge your custom ABAP applications

Speaker: Sebastian Schönhöfer, Virtual Forge GmbH

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